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Thursday, 2/8/01 - Friday, 2/16/01 - NYC and Buffalo...

THURSDAY, 2/8/01 - I was a judge in the first annual Alt.Sho.Com Alternative Media Festival and my friend Annie and I went to the "cocktail reception and gala award ceremony." I wore my brown suede suit that I had bought in Argentina and rarely get a chance to wear. timesquare

When we arrived, we realized that "gala" was a bit of an exaggeration, but there were lots of appetizers to taste. At one point, I saw a woman who looked really familiar. "Is she an MTV veejay?" I asked Annie who said she didn't look familiar to her. "Is she an actress?" I asked, but Annie didn't know. "She looks like Trini Alvarado." I said. "Who's that?" Annie asked. I was dating myself.

Finally, I couldn't stand the suspense any longer and walked right up to her and asked "I know this might sound goofy, but you look really familiar and I think I know you somehow. How could I know you?" She looked at me and smiled and said, "Well, I'm an actress, but I'm sure you haven't heard of me." The suspense was killing me. "What's your name?" I asked, feeling groupie-ish and silly, but I just had to know. "Trini Alvarado." I screamed and started laughing. "You are her!" I went on to tell her how I saw her in an ABC "After-School Special" when I was in grade school and when I returned to school the next day, everyone thought I was her!

It turns out her husband was one of the finalists in the Festival, and luckily I had voted for him in the Horror category. She, her husband and I talked throughout the evening. They were so nice! And I was thrilled that I had met Trini Alvarado!

FRIDAY, 2/9/01 - Saw "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and loved it. The women in the film kicked booty!

SATURDAY, 2/10/01 - Hanging out with Helen, the artsy grrl from New Zealand via the UK who is staying at my place for the month as she works at Franklin Furnace (a multimedia art project). We went to the Cloisters museum and got a dose of culture. Very medieval with that religious iconography thing happening. Bought two books about Arthurian Legend. timesquare

SUNDAY, 2/11/01 - Helen and I went to see the Vagina Monologues and then took photos at Times Square. I thought the play was powerful, something every woman should see. And every man as well.

WEDNESDAY, 2/14/01 - I hate Valentine's Day. Enough said.

THURSDAY, 2/15/01 - Flew to Buffalo for a few speaking engagements. I was on Jet Blue, a really great airline and finally got to watch a little bit of Tech TV.

Gwen, Buffalo Webgrrls chapter leader, was at the airport to greet me. Then she went to get her car after I picked up my rental car, and I waited for her to pull out of the parking lot. After a long wait, I drove down to the toll office to find that Gwen had fallen on the ice and hit her head.

Ambulance, emergency room and 6 stiches later, Gwen, her husband and I went to my Borders speaking engagement. I tried to convince her to stay home and rest that night, but she felt she had to go to the big event she had helped to plan - a joint technology event with Webgrrls and a local technology group, infoTech Niagara.

The evening was a success, and I was able to sell and sign some books.

FRIDAY, 2/16/01 - Spoke at the State University at Buffalo and then had the opportunity to have dinner with around ten very interesting people at the beautiful Victorian-era home of the professor who organized my speaking event. A very nice evening and delicious, home-cooked Indian food.

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