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I figured out what to put here in Musings. I get some great emails from people who find my site and contact me, so I thought I'd excerpt some of them. As always, I love getting email on the road, so don't forget to write.

October 10, 2000
Hy Cybergrrl aka RVGirl....
Read about you in an article somewhere.... the first thought i had was to share
another womens journey not in an RV but on a motorcycle....

October 10, 2000
Found your article in the USA Today newspaper and was glad. I just purchased a 1972 Air Stream trailer and I am getting it ready to travel. I was sure that I was not the only single female doing this. I have looked in the Air Stream Web site and have not found any. They are all couples.
Then, I saw your article. I am interested in what you are doing. The information highway was busy this morning and I could not use anything other then e mail. I am a retired (57 yrs) real estate investor. I just sold my last investment and the only thing I have left is my personal home. Want to make sure this is going to work before I sell it.
I live in Birmingham, Alabama. Where am I headed? Not sure. That is what I like the most. Very interested in what you are doing. I will sign up for your mailing list. I will check again later to see if I can get into the rest of your page. Good Luck

October 10, 2000
Saw the article in USA Today...and thought I'd stop by your site. Looked over your drive plan...and noticed you missed Tennessee. Best part of America. East Tennessee, any way.