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October 10, 2000
I'm sure you've been getting a ton of mail because of the USA today here's another! I think what you're doing is great! It's my dream too. Have you seen the film Roam sweet home? You must have. It reminds me so much of what you're doing. I love you cute lil' dogs. Have a great adventure!

October 10, 2000

hi rvgirl
hi my name is mark and i was reading usa today and seen the article about you and so i just wanted to say good luck to you---i'm 34 and i have always wanted to do what you're doing but work and circumstances have prevented me from doing so---its too bad you're not coming through north carolina so i could say hello and get some travel tips----but anyway good luck on your travels.

October 13, 2000
hi my name is roy and im from illinois i saw your pic in the newspaper and i thought you were very cute so i just thought that i would say hi .... well i hope to see you if you ever come tthrought illinois

October 23, 2000
Hi! Saw your site in 10-10 USA Today. Reminds me of my trip in 12-73. Bet you've heard that kind of comment a few times!! Best of luck to you.

November 8, 2000

Hi RVGirl,
just wanted to let you know that I'm going to miss your adventures (until Dec.). Found your site while surfing one day, now you're booked marked and I check every day for the new adventure. I just want to drive across country in a car, but in an RV, that's great!! Hope you and the Berts get everything accomplished in Florida, see you in December. Since you're in FL, will you reverse your travel schedule and head back towards Texas? Just wondering. See you in Dec.